Services Rendered at NIDACO

NIDACO NIGERIA LIMITED is proficient in the Building & Civil works sector; Steel Structure Fabrication and supplies of Building service products and can deliver effectively on the following services:

  • Factory Plant/Laboratory development
  • Structural Steel Roof Fabrication
  • Industrial Building/Warehouse
  • Housing Estates Development
  • Hospital Complex
  • Road Construction/Drainage Construction & Erosion Control Schemes

Building Construction

  • Housing Estate Development
  • Office blocks and Warehouses
  • School Auditorium and Hostel Developments
  • Hospital complex and support facilities
  • Residential apartments
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Steel and Structural Construction

  • Airport hanger and support facilities
  • Industrial Warehouses and Factory
  • Steel framed structures
  • Farm tanks and Industrial storage facilities
  • Other structural roof and related projects
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Road Construction

  • Road construction and rehabilitation works
  • Erosion control, storm water and Drainage projects
  • Shoreline protection related works
  • Pipeline and related developments
  • Sewage and Water treatment facilities
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